This is a list of the mods I like to use, as of MC-1.20.6

My choice of shaders and resource packs are aimed at making the world prettier and darker, and if anything they increase the difficulty.


I use fabric mod loader for both single player/client mods, as well as mods for my server world.

Client Side mods

This is a list of the mods I use to support shaders, and to augment my UI in multiplayer.



Server Mods

My server generally runs on the latest vanilla update running via Fabric. I run Lithium as well as my own home made tweaks mod for changing parts of the game.

Fabric vs Forge

I’ve switched over completely to using fabric. I originally made the switch to fabric purely because of the Lithium mod, which improves server performance without affecting gameplay features.

Fabric is less oriented toward supporting interactive mods that radically change the base game. It’s better suited to light weight tweaks and optimizations to vanilla gameplay. My preference is for vanilla gameplay.

Due to Fabric’s overall simplicity, it tends to update faster than Forge, which is less important for those running long lived modpack instances, but is a pain for my needs running a multiplayer server that serves players connecting with latest vanilla mc clients.